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Book title as you'd like it to appear on your cover including your name

Who is your target reader/customer?

What is the number posts you'd like to include?

What is the url to each blog post? Add one on each line

What is the number of posts you'd like to include?

Would type of cover would you like me to create?

Please send me all necessary files in a Drive/Dropbox folder: share it with me -

I will need:

For the eBook, my services do no include editing, you must ensure that each of your blog posts have been edited. 

All Amazon links will be removed as it is agains their TOS to include them in your eBook.

You will need to send me a copyright page that goes after the title page and an about me bio include picture

I will generate the table of contents in Indesign.

For custom work, I will contact you via email to discuss.
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